The price for attending the festival is €360 per person and €290 for youth under 25 (in shared  bedrooms). There is an additional fee of € 80 for those who require a single room. Participation fee, conditions and rules can be found in section F of the online registration form.

The participation fee includes:

– all concerts
– all workshops
– hotel accommodation from May 4th May to 8th May, 2022 (4 nights)
– breakfast at the hotel
– opening and closing ceremonies both with dinner buffet (5th and 7th May)
– lunch for 5th-7th May 2022
– local transportation during the festival
– airport transfers from Sofia Airport to Plovdiv and back

The participation fee does not include:

– orchestra`s own travel costs to and from Plovdiv (travelling by own bus) or Sofia airport (travelling by plane)
– dinner on 4th and 6th May and lunch on the day of departure (8th May)
– sightseeing
– insurance
– instrument rental (where needed)
– personal costs