Workshop list

The works that will be played in the workshops will be announced later. 


Workshop 1

Baroque music 


Workshop 2

Classical music (Haydn/Mozart)


Workshop 3

Romantic symphonic music for large orchestra


Workshop 4

20th century symphonic music 


Workshop 5 

Bulgarian folklore music 


Workshop 6

Jazz music, crossover – improvisation


Workshop 7

Contemporary music with composer in residence


Workshop 8

Film music 


Workshop 9

Wind ensemble workshop



The concept of the European Orchestra Festivals of EOFed is based on inclusion and broad participation. Therefore all participating musicians do register for a workshop. Each participant is invited to indicate in the list his/her preference for a workshop  and indicate 3 alternatives definitely.

According to the interest in the selection of workshops some of workshops could be doubled if there should be big interest in a workshop and could be cancelled if there is no interest.