Workshop list

The works that will be played in the workshops will be announced later. 


Workshop 1:

Baroque music 

Mario Gioventù (Italy)

Antonio Caldara - Sinfonia a quattro n°3 "La morte di Abel" - (Larghetto - Allegretto)

Baldassarre Galuppi - Concerto a quattro n°1 in sol minore - (Grave e adagio - Spiritoso - Allegro)


Workshop 2:

Classical music

Normunds Dregis (Latvia)


  • W.A.Mozart - Ouverture Die Entführung aus dem Serail / The Abduction from the Seraglio (KW 384) 
  • L. van Beethoven - Ouverture Egmont



Workshop 3a:

Romantic symphonic music for large orchestra

David Ramael

Florence B. Price - Symphony no 1 in E minor, 1st movement


Workshop 3b:

Romantic music for large orchestra 2

Martin Studer (Switzerland)

A. Dvorak - Symphony no 6 D-major op. 60, 1st and 2nd movement


Workshop 4:

20th century symphonic music 

Gerhart Drijvers (The Netherlands) 

  • P. Vladigerov - Bulgarian Rhapsody (Vardar Rhapsody) 
  • P. Vladigerov - Bugarian Suite - 2 movements 


Workshop 5:

Bulgarian folklore music 

The conductor and musical pieces will be announced soon.


Workshop 6:

Jazz music, crossover – improvisation

Ari Poutiaien (Finland) 

  • A. Poutiainen - Improvisational composition for the festival 


Workshop 7:

Contemporary music with composer in residence

 The conductor and musical pieces will be announced soon.


Workshop 8:

Film music 

William Maxfield (Liechtenstein)

The musical pieces will be announced soon.


Workshop 9:

Wind ensemble workshop

The conductor and musical pieces will be announced soon.



The concept of the European Orchestra Festivals of EOFed is based on inclusion and broad participation. Therefore all participating musicians do register for a workshop. Each participant is invited to indicate in the list his/her preference for a workshop  and indicate 3 alternatives definitely.

According to the interest in the selection of workshops some of workshops could be doubled if there should be big interest in a workshop and could be cancelled if there is no interest.