Transfers Sofia (airport) -Plovdiv and back

The festival organisation will organise these transfers as far as possible. We need the arrival and departure times of our participants to be able to do this, of course. Participants were asked to mail them before the 1st of April 2022.

If you want to come earlier than 4th of May or leave later than the 9th of April we might ask you to see to the transfers yourself. You can always ask for advise by mailing us or asking for advise during the festival from our service desk.

Below and using the link you find a bus time schedule for possible transport connections from Sofia (Sofia airport) to Plovdiv and back. keep in mind the rising prices of he oil, it may affect the current prices of bus transport, but anyway they are not high.

Bus from Sofia to Plovdiv |

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Some buses can be picked up from the airport, some are at the bus station, which is about 20 minutes far, if you take the metro at the airport.

The prices are low, ticket for the metro costs about 0,60€. Here is the website of the Sofia metro:  Trip cards of the Sofia Metro - Metropolitan Sofia